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USE OF NON - GAAP MEASURES This document refers to EBITDA because certain investors may use this information to assess the Company’ performance and also determine the Company’s ability to generate cash flow . This data is furnished to provide additional information and is a non - GAAP measure and does not have any standardized meaning prescribed by GAAP and therefore may not be comparable to similar data presented by other issuers . It should not be considered in isolation as a substitute for measures of performance prepared in accordance with GAAP and is not necessarily indicative of operating costs presented under GAAP . EBITDA is net income (loss), excluding the effects of income taxes (recovery), net interest expense, depreciation and amortization ; and Adjusted EBITDA also includes non - cash fair value adjustments on investments, unrealized foreign currency gains/losses, share - based compensation expense and other transactional and special expenses, such as acquisition costs and expenses related to the markup of acquired finished goods inventory, which are inconsistent in amount and frequency and are not what we consider as typical of our continuing operations . Management believes this measure provides useful information as it is a commonly used measure in the capital markets and as it is a close proxy for repeatable cash generated by operations . We use Adjusted EBITDA internally to understand, manage, make operating decisions related to cash flow generated from operations and evaluate our business . In addition, we use Adjusted EBITDA to help plan and forecast future periods . 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Indus’ actual financial position and results of operations may differ materially from management’s current expectations and, as a result, Indus’ revenue and expenses may differ materially from the revenue and expenses profiles provided in this Presentation . Such information is presented for illustrative purposes only and may not be an indication of Indus’ actual financial position or results of operations . 2






● CSE Listed: Lowell Farms Inc. (CSE: LOWL; OTCQX: LOWLF) ● Formed b y combination of Ind us Holdings, Inc. and Lowell Herb Co. in February 2021 ● Mission Highlights ○ Focus on California only ○ Leadership through scale and brands ○ Consolidate supply - side capacity ○ Build large - scale cultivation facilities ○ Brand differentiation ○ Preparing for federal legalization 7/31/2021 ($USD) Stock Price $1.24 Market Cap 1 $289,524,974 Net Working Capital 2 $22,366,177 Enterprise Value 3 $267,158,797 1 Based on Fully Diluted Shares of 233.5m as of 7/31/2021, using treasury method on in - the - money options and warrants. Convertible Debentures are treated as equity given in - the - money status. 2 As of 3/31/2021. 3 Defined here as Market Cap minus net working capital. + = 4



5 Cultivation at massive scale growing high quality flower ● 225k sq ft greenhouse in operation ● In planning phase for additional greenhouse ● Further expansion plans in development Diversified manufacturing capabilities and infrastructure spanning across all product categories Lowell, a rich brand with unparalleled reach, awareness and accessibility, anchoring a portfolio of diversified products Distribution, a hub&spoke delivery infrastructure that services 85%+ of the dispensaries in the state



CULTIVATION PROCESSING & MANUFACTURING DISTRIBUTION RETAIL Outdoor ~950 operators 16m sq. ft. canopy Greenhouse ~1200 operators 17m sq. ft. canopy Indoor ~500 operators 4m sq. ft. canopy 950 Licensed Operators: 214 Flower brands 145 Vape brands 142 Concentrate brands 39 Gummy brands 32 Beverage brands 30 Chocolate brands Sales, Distribution and Collection 5+ independent distributors (Lowell) Many brands doing self - distribution 661 Licensed retail dispensaries 301 Licensed non - storefront dispensaries 6









5 Watch Video: https://vimeo.com/568620561 ● In June of 2021, Lowell acquired a unique 10 acre newly - licensed processing facility in Salinas design - built for downstream processing in the cannabis sector ● Property will house our newest business unit: Lowell Farm Services



● LFS is a midstream processing service for local growers in the most fertile environment in America ● Facility is initially commissioned to process approximately 250,000 pounds of finished flower annually from diverse growers in the fertile Salinas Valley and surrounding areas ● Processing is a massive pain - point in California cannabis with complicated building - codes and facility requirements that are expensive to accommodate and difficult to staff ● Centralized services allows large - scale automation to give growers the best results for their harvests ● LFS is a unique service without any peers in Northern California “We are commissioning LFS to answer a pressing need in the market for which we see no other solution in sight. We seek to service the massive and fast - growing cannabis cultivation industry in California, not to compete with it ” said Chairman George Allen, “large - scale processing and automation are the missing pieces that will make California cannabis dominant in this exciting new frontier of agriculture.” 10



● California: Grows an estimated 17 million pounds of cannabis annually, nearly 60% of total American supply ● Monterey County: With 4.1 million square feet, it is the third largest county in the state poised for explosive growth with recent expansion ordinances that are welcoming to large - scale cannabis ● Adjacent San Benito County: Previously closed to cannabis cultivation, opening with multiple operations pending approval ● Santa Cruz County: Dozens of outdoor operations and greenhouses Monterey is the third highest county in California for agricultural output and adjacent to the other four counties that make up the top - five 11



Operations Impact from Acquisition of LFS ● Compliments our cultivation with access to a massive and diverse raw material flow at compelling cost levels without all the capex and commodity risk ● Investments in logistics and automation to drive affordability... ● A brand that has selection of choice that no other brand can match ● Prepared for a nationwide marketplace with scale that can truly support a nationwide brand 12 Cultivation Processing CPG Brands Distribution The transaction allows us to use the diversity, skill and creativity of thousands of California growers to make Lowell more affordable with a broader consumer assortment



● America’s home of cannabis, perfect opportunity to build brand and loyalty ● Supply is very fragmented: average players are very small with much higher cost structures ○ Over 2,50 0 growers with average canopy of 19k sq. ft. ● The black market, while still a factor, is ineffective at competing for the Californian consumer ● Increasing regulatory burden is adding pressure to sub - scale operators ○ 85% of licensed canopy is provisional, at real risk with CEQA licensing requirements ○ METRC implementation adding burdens for smaller operators ● California: it’s the long - term home of cannabis cultivation in America, perhaps the world As legalization comes more into focus in the US, investors and consumers are increasingly expected to accept the pivotal role that California cultivation will play over the long - term 13



14 ● But, the vast majority of these operators are sub - scale ● The top 10 operators only comprise ~7% of the market’s supply ● The “bottom - half” of the market’s supply is coming from 2,200 operators with less than 12k in canopy (1/20th that of Lowell Farms) There a re >2,500 farms statewide growing cannabis



Sourcing via LFS and our own cultivation Strain diversification and leadership Cost through economies of scale Quality leadership under a team of award - winning growers Develop portfolio of facilities that each have sufficient scale 15



225,000 sq. ft. retrofitted greenhouse in Monterey County, CA Facilities upgrades allow us to improve output Targeted levels of 10,000+ lbs of flowers every quarter 16






We produce nearly all types of products with highly acclaimed: Jarred flower Pre - rolls Edibles Vape products Concentrates 19















Lowell is a premium California cannabis brand with extremely rare levels of reach and audience A reputation of authenticity and heritage that has become synonymous with quality and refinement Lowell is best known for its distinctive pre - rolls and unique logo 24



● Partnership with Ascend Wellness (AWH) to launch Lowell Smokes in Massachusetts and Illinois ● Industry leading economics: 15% of wholesale royalty arrangement, demonstrates the power of the brand ● More states to come The walking billboard Coming to a store near you 25



26 ● Over 1 million in weekly impressions across all social outlets ● 3 million impressions on YouTube ● Remains strong and relevant : 2020 and Q 4 activity was extremely healthy and remains best - in - class among peers Total Audience : up 68 % y/y Engagement : up 132 % y/y Industry leading social media audience with 178k followers Social Audience






Facility : 18,000 sq. ft. — all distribution - related inventory activity in the same building under one roof to include post - compliance la beling, retail flower packing, finished goods inventory, order pick/pack and delivery loading Fleet : 22 delivery vans allowing for regular maintenance rotation and upkeep, in addition to flexibility on delivery routes, bulk de l iveries, inventory pick - ups and transfers, etc. Delivery Routes : 19 optimized delivery routes across California (10 in NorCal, 9 in SoCal) for maximum efficiency with 10 daily routes that are eligible for next day delivery — capacity for 152 B2B deliveries per day KEY PERFORMANCE METRICS* Deliveries per day = 42 (largest single day = 86) $ value per van per route = $12,700 Total stops per day = 50 (including collection - only stops) Unique delivery locations last 90 days = 452 (average customer orders 2x per month) Vans on the road per day = 10.5 *all metrics are pre - acquisition of Lowell which occurred on 2/25/21 28






FROM GREENHOUSE (A) TO MANUFACTURING ONTO SHELVES 40 - 45k lbs Flower Annually 25 - 30k lbs Trim Annually Sellable Flower Preroll Flower Fresh Frozen Packaged Flower Individual & Packaged Prerolls Live Resin Vapes Live Resin Concentrates Dry Concentrate Distillate Vape Carts Concentrates Edibles Topicals $65M REVENUE OPPORTUNITY (B) $40M REVENUE OPPORTUNITY (A) (A) Estimated annual production capacity upon completion of current expansion, estimated to occur in Q42021 (B) Represents a potential revenue figure based on current market prices and full realization of sale potential at these market prices. These estimates do not constitute financial guidance. 30



Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Owned Products 1 $7,231 $11,910 $7,607 $9,667 Agency Revs $1,981 $1,733 $1,355 $1,230 Distribution Revs $682 $487 $190 $130 Total Net Revs 1 $9,894 $14,131 $9,151 $11,026 Gross Profit ($1263) $4,979 $218 ($1,477) Gross Margin (12.8)% 35.2% 2.4% (13.4)% Adj. EBITDA 2 ($4,300) $1,402 ($4,227) ($4,569) 1 Q2 Revenues included approximately $789k in revenue related to Nevada operations which have subsequently been discontinued due to termination of merger agreement 2 Adjusted EBITDA defined as earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, amortization, and transaction and other special ch arg es as described in our Form 10 - Q and 10 - K Summary Income Statement (USD in thousands) 3/31/2021 Cash $13,573 Current Assets $37,112 Current Liabilities $14,746 Net Working Cap $22,366 31